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10 Actors Marvel Regrets Hiring For The MCU



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Marvel Actors That Should Never Have Been Hired SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: MCU has gifted us with some glorious creations over the years. Things really kicked off with 2008’s Iron Man, but it hasn’t always been billion-dollar takings and smooth sailing for Marvel Studios. In fact, some Marvel actors haven’t enjoyed the experience at all – and they haven’t been shy about saying it! Superhero movie veterans like Robert Downey Jr. have nothing but love for Kevin Feige and co., but not everyone shares his opinion.Making movies can be difficult, so it’s not surprising that sometimes, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes an actor can seem like they’re fully on-board with the action movie scenes when they’re not. Others might not be into the special-FX make-up they have to wear. However, you’d think that they would still respect the opportunity to appear in an Avengers movie, wouldn’t you? Millions of aspiring actors would jump at the chance to be in Endgame or even a Netflix series. Some of these guys just don’t know when to keep quiet, do they?When the cameras have stopped rolling, the tongues tend to start wagging, and true feelings come out. There have been some catastrophic blowouts resulting in salty public statements, numerous off-the-wall comments, and even a secret code or two to disguise trash talking. Join us as we take a look at some actors that didn’t enjoy their time on some of the biggest superhero movies the world has ever seen. Featuring:Entry 1 - Terrence Howard Entry 2 - Edward NortonEntry 3 - Brie LarsonEntry 4 - Gwyenth PaltrowEntry 5 - Dave Bautista Entry 6 - Mickey RourkeEntry 7 - Corey StollEntry 8 - Chloe Bennet Entry 9 - Finn JonesEntry 10 - Christopher Eccleston------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media: Website


Published on Oct 5, 2019